Certification of Sustainable U.S. Soy

The Protocol

The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) developed the U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) through a multi-stakeholder process to address customer requests for a supply of documented and certified sustainable soy.


The SSAP is based on a national system of sustainability and conservation laws and regulations and farmer participation in the U.S. Farm Program


Certification under SSAP is provided by USSEC subsidiary Soy Export Sustainability (SES).


Certification is shipment specific and non-transferable.

Current Marketing Year Statistics

Marketing Year: 09/01/2017 - 08/31/2018
Total U.S. Soy Sustainable Allocation: 75,113,200.0 metric tons
Total Certified Shipments: 190
Total Certified Weight Shipped: 1,213,563.2 metric tons

SES Process To Calculate
Availability Of Sustainable U.S. Soy

  • SES will perform an annual calculation of marketing year availability of sustainable U.S. soy based primarily on data from USDA
  • Marketing year starts on September 1 each year
  • Marketing year is the same for all soy products
  • Sustainable U.S soy calculation is based on participation in U.S. farm program. Currently 95% of U.S. farms participate.
    • Thus USDA supply estimates/final supply data will be multiplied by 0.95 to determine U.S. sustainable soy supply
  • Future marketing year inventory allocations are available on March 1 (six months in advance of marketing year start date of September 1)
    • First annual calculation of U.S. soy production for a upcoming marketing year is based on USDA projection as documented in USDA Agricultural Baseline Projection in February
    • 70% of February USDA estimate will be used as an allowance for reduced harvest
  • Additional updates to estimates are based on U.S. soy production projections in USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) as published in May, July, September, November
  • Final supply of sustainable U.S. soy for marketing year will be based on January WASDE report at 100% of production
  • All allocations and certifications are in metric tons only

Current Active Companies

# Name Location
2 Agrex Inc Overland Park, KS
5 Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, Inc. Jeffersonville, OH
6 Brushvale Soy Products, LLC Breckenridge, MN
7 Bunge Central America, LTD Coral Gables, FL
8 Bunge Latin America, LLC Coral Gables, FL
9 Bunge North America St Louis, MO
10 Cargill, Inc. Saint Louis, MO
11 Ceres Commodities LLC NEWPORT, KY
12 Chicago & Illinois River Marketing Chicago, IL
13 CHS Inver Grove Heights, MN
14 Citizens LLC Charlotte, MI
15 CJ IA USA Corp Chicago, IL
16 Clarkson Grain Co., Inc Cerro Gordo, IL
18 Columbia Grain Trading Inc. harrison, NY
19 Consolidated Grain and Barge, Co. Covington, LA
20 DuPont Nutrition & Health St Louis, MO
21 ED&F Man Grains LLC Platte City, MO
22 Enerfo USA, Inc. Omaha, NE
23 Fornazor International, Inc. Hillsdale, NJ
24 Gavilon Grain Omaha, NE
25 Global Processing inc Kanawha, IA
26 Grain Millers Inc. Eden Prairie, MN
27 Huron Commodities Monticello, IL
28 International Feed Long Lake, MN
30 Interstate Commodities, Inc. Troy, NY
31 IOM Grain LLC Portland, IN
32 JB Global LLC Burnsville, MN
33 KG Agri Products, Inc. Marysville, OH
34 Knewtson Soy Products, LLC Good Thunder, MN
35 Lansing Trade Group, LLC Overland Park, KS
36 Louis Dreyfus Company Wilton, CT
37 Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. New York, NY
38 Montague Farms, Inc. Center Cross, VA
39 NeCo Seed Farms Inc Garden City, MO
40 Northwest Grains International, LLC Minneapolis, MN
41 Owensboro Grain Company Owensboro, KY
42 Pacificor, LLC Portland, OR
43 Perdue Agribusiness LLC Salisbury, MD
44 Prairie Creek Grain Company, Inc. Elwood, IL
45 Quality International, Inc. Elgin, IL
46 Richland IFC, Inc. Breckenridge, MN
47 SB&B Foods, Inc. Casselton, ND
48 Schwartz Farms Cortland, OH
49 SKFood International Fargo, ND
50 SMD Products Company LLC Pevely, MO
51 South Dakota Soybean Processors Volga, SD
52 Soyko International, Inc. Gary, MN
53 Star of the West Milling Co. Frankenmuth, MI
54 Stonebridge LTD. Cedar Falls, IA
55 SunOpta Grains and Foods Inc Edina, MN
56 The Delong Co., Inc. Clinton, WI
57 The Scoular Company Minneapolis, MN
58 United Grain Corporation Vancouver Wa, WA
59 US Commodities Minneapolis, MN
60 US Nisshin Shokai Schaumburg, IL
61 World Food Processing Randolph, MN
62 Zen-Noh Grain Corporation Covington, LA